If you are considering contact lenses and you need an optometrist in Brick, NJ, then it is time to schedule an appointment at Keelan Eyecare. We strive to provide exceptional eye care to all our patients and one of our services is helping our patients navigate the world of contact lenses. There are several common types of lenses and many brands that provide them; we are here to help you select the combination that works best for you, starting with a contact lens exam.

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A contact lens exam is designed to address concerns specifically related to finding and wearing contact lenses. While a comprehensive eye exam is still necessary to test for vision sharpness, eye pressure, and overall eye health, a contact lens exam is essential to ensuring your eyes can handle wearing contacts. The most obvious difference between these two exams is that the lenses in eyeglasses sit several millimeters away from your eyes, while contacts sit directly on the surface. A different set of measurements is taken to fit contacts, whether they are soft or hard lenses.

Types of Contact Lenses

When browsing types of contacts, you’ll find two key types. These are hard and soft lenses, with a few subsets existing for both.

Traditional hard lenses are all but obsolete; they were widespread before newer technologies allowed the development of softer lenses. Modern hard lenses are called Gas Permeable (GP) lenses. These lenses often provide sharper vision than soft contacts or even eyeglasses, but it can take a while for your eyes to adjust.

The most common types of soft contacts are daily wear and extended daily wear lenses. Daily wear lenses are meant to be removed while you sleep. Some of these are designed to be worn for one day only, while others only need to be switched once or twice a month. Extended wear contacts can be worn while you sleep, but talk to one of our professional optometrists before considering this option, as there are increased risks.

Other soft contacts are toric lenses designed to correct astigmatism, and bifocal lenses to help remedy presbyopia.
Follow-Up Care with Contact Lenses

Follow-up care is critical for contact lens wearers, especially when testing lenses to find those that best suit you. Every eye responds differently to contacts, and to prevent injury or irritation, it is highly recommended to have an optometrist examine how your eyes have adjusted. At Keelan Eyecare, we make sure every patient receives individualized attention both when they are being fitted for contact lenses and during follow-up appointments.

No matter what reason you may be considering contact lenses, give us a call or schedule an appointmentwith an optometrist in our Brick, NJ office so we can guide you in your decision.