Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exam

Many people have gone to the eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam, but when the time comes, and they start to consider wearing contacts instead, they need to have a contact lens exam in addition to their comprehensive eye exam. While a comprehensive exam covers many important things, such as

    • Glaucoma testing
    • Vision sharpness
    • Eye teaming
    • Eye pressure
    • Overall eye health

In addition, our eye doctor at Keelan Eye Care can check for signs of regular health issues including diabetes and hypertension. 

Contact Lens Exam Does More

There are still considerations that are specific to people who wear contacts, so a separate contact lens exam is needed. A contact lens exam goes beyond a regular exam and tests vision with contacts. It also checks your tear film to make sure your eyes can handle wearing traditional contacts.

The biggest difference is that contact lenses, whether traditional or a hard to fit variety, fit directly on your eyes, while eyeglasses rest 12 mm away from your eyes. A whole different set of measurements are necessary in order to give you the exam you need. In addition, most people still end up with backup eyeglasses and will need to be fitted for those as well.

Follow-Up Care with Contact Lenses

When you get contact lenses in Brick, NJ, it is important to have the follow-up care you need. To make sure all the measurements are correct, and your eyes are properly adjusted to the contacts. At Keen Eyecare in Brick, NJ, our staff makes sure to give each patient the attention they need when they are being fit for contact lenses.

Depending on how your eyes respond to your contacts, your experience wearing them, and if you have special needs when it comes to your contacts, such as a special tint or need to wear specialty contacts for an eye condition such as dry eye, need multifocal contacts,  or need scleral contacts that cover the whole eye, you may need to have some extra sessions with your eye doctor in order to get a long-lasting fit. 

The decision to wear contact lenses is a personal choice, and not everyone's experience with contacts are the same. Some people are content with eyeglasses for their workdays but like to have contacts for social occasions or for sports activities, Others feel contacts are more professional for work but rest their eyes with glasses on the weekend. How you plan to wear your contact lenses plays a role in the type of lenses your eye doctor selects for you. To learn more, or to schedule your contact lens exam, contact Keelan Eyecare in Brick, NJ at (732) 458-4800!

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