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When you step out of your house and into a dazzlingly bright sky, your first reflex might be to reach for a pair of sunglasses. These handy accessories not only block glare, but they also help you express your personal style while you're out and about. Prescription sunglasses are also critical for protecting your eyes against dangerous radiation while ensuring that any refractive errors are properly corrected. Here at Keelan Eyecare, our Brick NJ optometrist can make sure you're fitted with sunglasses that are as protective and functional as they are elegant.


Why the Right Sunglasses Matter

The sun is a necessary element for life on Earth, but it can also cause some serious health problems, including problems for your eyes. Ultraviolet radiation in the form of UVA and UVB rays penetrate the Earth's atmosphere even on cloudy days. The mildest form of damage these rays cause is irritating eye "sunburn" called photokeratitis, or snow blindness. They can, however, also lead to cataracts and macular degeneration, both potential causes of blindness.

Donning a pair of sunglasses may sound like a simple enough solution. Unfortunately, you won't necessarily be getting the UV protection your eyes need from just any pair of sunglasses, even a really dark-tinted pair. If the lenses haven't been made to block 99 to 100 percent of ultraviolet rays, they may actually be doing your eyes more harm than good. That's because the dark tint blocks enough visible light to dilate your pupils, letting in even more of those hazardous UV rays.

Prescription Sunglasses in a Variety of Stunning Styles

You can rely on the experts when choosing a pair of sunglasses, and our two optometrists at Keelan Eyecare are the experts. We provide sunglasses that are rated UV 400, which guarantees that they block the entire UV spectrum. Our thorough eye and vision exams allow us to create prescription sunglasses that correct your vision just as successfully as your everyday glasses do. Your sunglasses will also make you look wonderful. Our impressive optical showroom features frames from leading designers in all kinds of colors, shapes and styles. You'll find that your sunglasses from Keelan Eyecare give you all the protection, comfort and stylishness that you want, and none of the UV exposure that you don't.

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If you want to feel confident about your eyes when you're out in the sun, then you'll want to make an appointment at Keelan Eyecare. Call our Brick NJ office at (732) 458-4800 for an eye and vision exam!

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