iCare: The iCare is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops, air or specialized skills for its use. This device uses patented rebound technology to measure intraocular pressure.The premium design and user interface brings IOP measuring to a higher level. 

Optovue iWellness: Like an MRI of the eye, the iWellness Exam reveals ocular anatomy and signs of disease in exquisite detail. This breakthrough technology allows our doctors to examine with unprecedented clarity, structure that is invisible using traditional methods. This unique technology can help detect potentially vision threatening, as well as systematic diseases in their very early stages, when they are most treatable.

Optomap: The Optomap Retinal Exam is an ultra-widefield retinal examination, is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that allows your doctor to view the majority of your retina. This is a non-dilating camera that captures a digital image of the retina. The Optomap allows the doctor to capture a 200 degree high resolution image of the retina in a single-shot.

Contact Lens Evaluation:In order to prescribe contact lenses an optometrist must complete several tests including: evaluate the health of the eye paying close attention to the cornea, eyelids, and conjunctiva and how contact lens wear will affect the health of the eye, determining the proper contact lenses prescription based on each individual patient's eyeglass correction, vision needs, corneal health and curvature, as well as examining the contact lens on the eye to ensure proper alignment with the cornea and lids, and finally, measuring the vision with contact lenses on the eye and make adjustments as indicated. 

Visual Field: The visual field test is a subjective measure of central and peripheral vision and is used by the doctor to diagnose, determine the severity of, and monitor glaucoma. The most common visual field test uses a light spot that is repeatedly presented in different areas of your peripheral vision.

MIBO ThermoFlo: The Mibo ThermoFlo is a therapeutic medical device providing a safe and effective alternative therapy for dry eyes. This treatment is an alternative for pharmaceuticals, such as Restasis. Usually with a total of three treatment sessions that last anywhere from eight to ten minutes per eye. 

Prokera: PROKERA biologic corneal bandage devices are used by the optometrist to heal and treat eye diseases such as keratitis, common dry eye, recurrent corneal erosion's, ulcers, and many other ocular surface diseases. 

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